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Our team offers treatment of varicose veins, spider veins, venous blush, cosmetic treatment and treatment of complicated venous problems. We use nearly painless
liquid sclerotherapy,
CO2-foam sclerotherapy , minimally invasive excision, inversion/excision for larger veins, valvuloplasty, valve transposition, subfascial perforator ligation, RF ablation, and laser vein closure under local anesthesia. The most common treatment we have successfully done for hundreds of patients with multiple combined bulging and smaller veins are 1) general medical evaluation, 2) ultrasound imaging, followed by 3) conservative therapy per insurance rules, then 4) laser closure, (vein ablation) followed by 5) several sessions of sclerotherapy to cause the surface clusters to disappear.

We have the latest laser and IPL devices to eliminate unsightly vascular lesions on the legs, the face, and elsewhere. These procedures are also highly successful for skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. We have full capability for the "Fotofacial RF" procedure. Our vascular practice is fully integrated with our aesthetic laser center, Huntsville Cosmetic Professionals. All patient procedures at both facilities are performed, managed, or supervised by skilled, experienced physicians. Visit us also at our state-of-the-art Laser Cosmetic Procedure center. After your bulging or spider veins are corrected or eliminated, you may also be interested in tightening the thighs or legs using state of the art Velashape 3 cellulite smoothing or higher power deep RF circumferential fat reduction.

Many patients with longstanding venous abnormalities, who have delayed treatment for many years and already developed complications, have still undergone successful correction. We manage both cosmetic and complicated cases, including arteriovenous malformations, embolization, excision, facial telangiectasias, rosacea, and progressive congenital venous disorders.

Most medical procedures have certain risks. At your consultation visit, you can discuss the reasons that we recommend some methods of treating veins, but not others.

Complete ultrasound imaging and physiologic assessment is available in the office. A custom treatment plan is prepared for each patient.
In selected cases, treatment includes cool tip RF/laser heads to eliminate veins.

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Evaluation and treatment by board-certified vascular surgeon

Our office is midway between Huntsville Hospital and Crestwood Hospital, conveniently one block from the Parkway, and is connected with our extensive cosmetic and aesthetic medical office.
We have treated over 15000 vascular patients over 25 years, now with a staff of 5 in our Huntsville offices.
Detailed information is available on discounts and insurance reimbursement, during your visit.

Right click&download HERE or left click HERE to download and print the patient questionnaire form. You can complete it and bring it with yourself to save time during your visit.

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